Friday, June 29, 2018

Legendary Entertainment aquires rights to AfterShock Media comic series Animosity.

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Cover to Animosity #1. Via The Beat/Aftershock Media.

Ready for another comic book property to invade Hollywood? Comics website The Beat reports that Legendary Entertainment (Jurasic World: Fallen Kingdom. The Dark Knight)  has aquired the rights to Animosity, a post-apocalyptic comic created by Margurite Bennett (writer) and Rafael de Latorre, and published by AfterShock Media 

The series takes place in a world where animals one day gain the ability to think and talk like humans. They also realize how humanity has treated them in the past, and start seeking revenge. It centers around a young girl named Jesse and her dog, Sandor. The two travel across America in search of “the only person who might be able to protect and save them.” 
The film will be produced by AfterShock Media president Lee Kramer and its CEO, Jon Kramer, with oversight by Legendary VP of production Jon Silk. 
(via The Beat)

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