Monday, July 28, 2014

Penn State's James Franklin photobombed by a T-Rex.

James Franklin and his new friend.

Penn State head coach James Franklin is enjoying himself in Chicago, where he is attending SEC Media Days. He took time from the goings on at the Hilton Chicago to head over to the Field Museum, where he took this selfie of himself being photobombed Sue, the museum's Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

Tim Tebow and the SEC Nation crew are on a boat, and they're going fast.

 Your Moment of Tebownes

The SEC Nation broadcast crew took time out from preparing for the SEC Network pregame show's debut to go a team-bonding fishing trip. Kaylee Hartung tweeted out a photo herself and fellow SEC Nation team members Joe Tessitore, Marcus Spear, and yes, Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow on a fishing trip. You can make your own jokes here. 

No word on where the other SEC Nation notable, Paul Finebaum was. Unless they were using him for bait.
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Covering Dixie: Duke Williams, Vince Dooley, Josh Murray, and more.

Covering Dixie Like Mildew - The SEC. It is Aug. 28 yet?

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Atlanta Journal-Constitution publishes satirical story about Texas A&M installing maroon field at Kyle Field as fact.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is a joke of a newspaper. It's mockingly been said that if the end of the world near, the AJC's headline of the day would read "Coke announces new product."

The AJC hit a new low when it's website published a story first appearing on SB*Nation  announcing that Texas A&M would be installing maroon turf at Kyle Field. The AJC has a syndication deal with SB*Nation, as opposed to hiring real journalists to report on real sports stories.*

A sample of the story.

"Over the weekend, construction crews began installation of the maroon turf that will become the signature of Kyle Field. Previous reports indicated that Kyle Field would return to a natural grass field following the stadium redevelopment, but unfortunately there is not enough time for grass to grow between now and football season. Also, this photo of maroon turf being installed is on the internet, so it must be true."

Which of course it wasn't. The paper's website reprinted in full a satirical article published by SB*Nation's excellent (and hilarious) Texas A&M sports blog, Good Bull Hunting. It was playing along with internet rumors about the school going all Boise State with Kyle Field. GBH made sure it was labeled as such, under the tag "Funny Stuff."

As of Sunday, afternoon on July 27, the  story was still up on, without correction, indication of its satirical nature, or apology on the paper's part for being so stupid.

*Yes, the AJC has writers like Jeff Schultz and Mark Bradley writing for them. If you ever read them, you'd DQ them as "real journalists as well."

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Prospect uses faux "baby gator" to announce 2015 commitment to Florida.

You know recruiting prospects giving their verbal commitments for all the world to see have gotten out of hand when a prospect uses a dwarf caiman impersonating an alligator in announcing his commitment to Florida. That's what Cincinnati, Oh. high school rising senior offensive tackle George Brown Jr. did in committing to the Gators on Friday.

Brown's use of a dwarf caiman (a member of the crocodilian family closely related to alligators), was facilitated by the fact that possession of an alligator is apparently illegal in the state of Ohio outside of a zoo. The caiman was provided by a Cincinnati animal rescue and outreach program called Cool Critters Outreach.

Brown is a composite-rated three-star OT who  attends Winton Woods High School in Cincinnati, Oh. 

(via ESPN)