Friday, December 19, 2014

Is this kosher? SEC Nation's Tim Tebow speaks to Alabama's College Football Playoff opponent Ohio St.

  What's wrong with this picture? SEC Nation broadcast team member Tim Tebow spoke in front the Ohio State football team on Thursday night. You know, the Ohio State team facing off against SEC champion Alabama in the College Football Playoff?

 Okay, Tebow's former coach at Florida, Urban Meyer, is the Buckeyes' head coach. I get it. There's just some stuff an SEC icon just doesn't do when the team you're speaking to is preparing to go up against the SEC champ. You don't see Tom Brady giving motivational speeches to the Crimson Tide, do you? (Yes, Brady's a little busy with the NFL right now. That's not the point.)

Hopefully this has more to do with Tebow's connection to Meyer than it does to any ill will against 'Bama from the 2009 SEC championship game. That wouldn't be very becoming of him if it were so.

(via Dr. Saturday)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jim Harbaugh will NOT be Michigan's next head coach. Because Bruce Feldman said so.

If you're a Michigan fan who wanted Jim Harbaugh as the Wolverines next head coach for Christmas you may be disappointed. FOX Sports 1's Bruce Feldman has suggested that the reported story about the San Francisco 49ers' head coach being offered a six-year, $48 million dollar deal to coach his alma mater might be a little more rumor than fact.

Feldman also suggested that the more likely candidate for the Michigan job could be Mississippi State's Dan Mullen.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Oliver Luck is an ex-West Virginia athletic director.

Oliver Luck (right) with son Andrew Luck. 

Reports are circulating that Oliver Luck is stepping down from his position as athletic director of West Virginia. He's reportedly leaving Charleston for a position in the NCAA.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Les Miles will NOT be Michigan's next head coach.

You can add Les Miles to the list of people who won't be coaching Michigan. The Mad Hatter told reporters on Monday night that he has no plans to leave LSU to become head coach at his alma mater Michigan.

The LSU head coach said that neither he nor his agent George Bass, have even been contacted by Michigan to replace the fired Brady Hoke.

Miles says he is focusing on the Tigers' 2014 Music City Bowl opponent Notre Dame. The schools will meet on Dec. 30.

(via ESPN)

Iowa wrestling coaches face off in freestyle swimming competition.

Tom and Terry Brands are twin brothers, Olympians and Iowa wrestling coaches. They went one on one against each other in a 50 meter freestyle swimming race before the Iowa St-Iowa womens swim meet back on Dec. 12. Hawkeye head wrestling coach and Olympic gold medalist came out ahead of his brother, associate head coach and Olympic bronze medalist Terry Brands.

Luckily for America, the Brands brothers decided to go with the more modern, long-legged compression shorts-like trunks as opposed to the more infamous Speedo briefs swimsuit.

Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte they aren't. But brother Tom's win garnered $250 for the charity of his choice from Iowa Corn.

(via The Cedar Rapids Gazette)