Wednesday, October 18, 2017

USC, Washington, and Washington St. are bowl eligible.

USC joined Washington and Washington State in the ranks of bowl eligible teams. The bad news for the Pac-12 was that Washington and Washington St. suffered their first losses of the 2017 season, putting the conference's chances for a representative into the College Football Playoff in jeopardy.

5-1 Stanford has a bye in week 8, so no Pac-12 teams will join the ranks of the bowl eligible.

Here's where the Pac-12 stands where it comes to both bowl eligibility, and bowl projections.

Bowl projections (where otherwise noted) are from Jerry Palm of CBS Sports.

Six or more wins (Bowl eligible)

Pac-12 North 

Washington (6-1, conference 3-1)

Projected bowl

2017 Alamo Bowl (Dec. 28, San Antonio, TX.)

Projected opponent

West Virginia

Washington State (6-1, conference 3-1)

Projected bowl 

2017 Sun Bowl (Dec. 29, El Paso, TX.)

Projected opponent


The prospective of a coaching battle between Mike Leach and Bobby Petrino would make what is generally second tier (at best) bowl a must see.

Pac-12 South 

USC (6-1, conference 4-1)

Projected Bowl 

2017 Fiesta Bowl (Dec. 30, Glendale, AZ.)

Projected opponent 

Oklahoma State

In Palm's current projections, the Fiesta Bowl would be the only New Years Six bowl to feature a Pac-12 team this season.

Five wins (Magic number: 1)

Stanford (5-1, conference 4-1)

Next three games

 Oct. 21 BYE

Oct. 26 @ Oregon State

Nov. 4 @ Washington St.

Nov. 10 Washington

Oregon State is the best chance to pick up a win during this three-game stretch.

Projected bowl 

2017 Foster Farms Bowl (Dec. 27, Santa Clara, CA.)

Projected opponent


The Fosters Farm Bowl is supposed to be Big 10 vs. Pac-12. Palm apparently doesn't think the B1G will be able to fill its slot.

Pac-12 South


Four wins (Magic number:2)

Pac-12 North 

Oregon (4-3, conference 1-3)

Next three games 

Oct. 21 @ UCLA

Oct. 28 vs. Utah

Nov. 4 vs. Washington

That's a tough stretch that could end up with Oregon being 4-6 if its not careful.

Projected bowl

2017 Independence Bowl (Dec. 27 Shreveport, LA.)

Projected opponent 


Yes, the Independence bowl is supposed to be a SEC vs. ACC bowl. No, having a Pac-12 replacing an SEC team in this game does not look good for the SEC.

Cal (4-3, conference 1-3)

Oct. 21 vs. Arizona

Oct. 28 @ Colorado

Nov. 4 vs. Oregon St.

Again, Oregon St. is the best chance for a win over the next three-game stretch.

Projected bowl (Jason Kirk, SB*Nation)

2017 Cactus Bowl (Dec. 26, Tempe, AZ.)

Projected opponent

Kansas State

There are three bowl games in Arizona this postseason. This is one of them.

The Cactus Bowl is a Big 12 vs Pac-12 bowl.

Pac-12 South

Arizona (4-2, conference 2-1)

Next three games

Oct. 21 @ Cal

Oct. 28 vs. Wash. St.

Nov. 4 va. USC

A tough three-game stretch for Arizona. Cal is the best chance for a win.

Projected bowl

2017 Cactus Bowl

Projected opponent

North Texas

As said before, the Cactus Bowl is Big 12 vs. Pac-12. North Texas is a Conference USA school.

Utah (4-2, conference 1-2)

Next three games

Oct. 21 vs. Arizona State

Oct. 28 @ Oregon

Nov. 3 vs. UCLA

Projected bowl

2017 Holliday Bowl (Dec. 28, San Diego, CA.)

Projected opponent


Utah had defeated Michigan in their last three meetings.

Colorado (4-3, conference 1-3)

Next three games

Oct. 24 @ Wash. St

Oct. 28 vs. Cal

Nov. 4 @ Arizona State

Cal and Arizona St. are the best chances to wins for Colorado

Projected bowl

2017 Heart of Dallas Bowl

Projected opponent 


The last tine Colorado faced Indiana was Sept. 27, 1980. The Hoosiers beat the Buffaloes 49-7.

Three wins (Magic number: 3)

Pac-12 North


Pac-12 South 

Arizona State (3-3, conference 2-1)

Next three games

Oct. 21 @ Utah

Oct. 28 vs. USC

Nov. 4 vs. Colorado

Colorado and Utah are the best places to pick up a win for Arizona St.

Projected bowl (Ken Bonagura, ESPN)

2017 Las Vegas Bowl (Dec. 16, Las Vegas, NV.)

Projected opponent

Boise State

Bonagura was the only one of five prognosticators surveyed this week that put Arizona St. in a bowl.

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