Monday, October 23, 2017

Miami joins NC State and Clemson as the ACC's bowl eligible teams.

Miami joined North Carolina State and Clemson in the bowl eligible club in Week 8. Louisville and Virginia could join them in Week 9. Six other teams are still in the bowl eligibility hunt.

Bowl projections (unless otherwise noted) are via Jerry Palm of CBS Sports.

Six or more wins (Bowl eligible)

ACC Atlantic

North Carolina State (6-1, conference 4-0)

Next three games

Oct. 28 @ Notre Dame

Nov. 4 vs. Clemson

Nov. 11 vs. Boston College

NC State gets a chance to play chaos engine against potential College Football Playoff semifinalists Notre Dame and Clemson. A win over either team would throw a huge wrench in their hopes for a spot in the CFP semifinals. Beat both, and NC State could find itself on the way to a berth in the CFP.

Projected bowl

2017 Sun Bowl (Dec. 29, El Paso, TX.)

Projected opponent

Washington State

Would the Sun Bowl be a let down following the success NC State has had in 2017? At least Wazzou would make for an entertaining game.

Clemson (6-1, conference 4-1)

Next three games

Oct. 28 vs. Georgia Tech

Nov. 4 @ NC State

Nov. 11 vs. Florida State

Who would have thought that the biggest regular season ACC game would be Clemson @ NC State?

Projected Bowl

2018 Sugar Bowl (CFP Semifinal #1 vs. #4, Jan 1, 2018, New Orleans, LA.)

Projected opponent


Week 9's Ohio State @ Penn State should get rid of the "two Big Ten schools in the CFP." Clemson will hopefully be either be back at no. 2, or will have climbed up to no. 3  thus returning it back to a 2018 Rose Bowl projection.

ACC Costal

Miami (6-0, conference 4-0)

Next three games

Oct. 28 @ North Carolina

Nov. 4 vs. Virginia Tech

Nov. 11 vs. Notre Dame

Miami could sideline Notre Dame's crashing the CFP hopes.

Projected bowl

2017 Orange Bowl (Dec. 30, Miami, FL.)

Projected opponent


The ACC/SEC "ICWYDT" game that many want to see, and the one that many UGA fans dread.

Virginia Tech (6-1, conference 2-1)

Next three games

Oct. 28 vs. Duke

Nov. 4 @ Miami

Nov. 11 @ Georgia Tech

Can Va. Tech upend Miami's hopes for an ACC Atlantic title? Can the Hokies take out Georgia Tech to  stake a claim on the ACC Atlantic title itself? A very interesting three games ahead for Va. Tech fans.

Projected bowl 

2017 Camping World Bowl (Dec. 28, Orlando, FL.)

Projected opponent 


Texas has Big 12 bottom feeders Kansas and Baylor in two of its next three games, so this matchup might happen.

Five wins (Magic number: 1)

ACC Atlantic

Louisville (5-3, conference 2-3)

Next three games

Oct. 28 @ Wake Forest

Nov. 4 BYE

Nov. 11 vs. Virginia

Nov. 18 vs. Syracuse

A won over Wake Forest will get Louisville into the postseason. Wins over Virginia and the Syracuse Kingslayers might be a little tougher.

Projected bowl

2017 TaxSlayer Bowl (Dec. 30, Jacksonville, FL.)

Projected opponent


For the record, Jason Kirk of SB*Nation has Louisville facing Texas in the 2017 Camping World Bowl. Don't hold your breath for that matchup.

ACC Costal

Virginia (5-2, conference 2-1)

Next three games

Oct. 28 @ Pittsburgh

Nov. 4 vs. Georgia Tech

Nov. 11 @ Louisville

Pitt is 1-3 in conference play, so this might be the best shot for Virginia to become bowl eligible.

Projected bowl (Ken Bonagura, ESPN)

2017 Military Bowl (Dec. 28, Annapolis, MD.)

Projected opponent


Bonagura's partner, David M. Hale, projects a Virginia vs. Navy Military Bowl. Neither Palm nor Kirk have Virginia in a bowl.

Four wins (Magic number: 2) 

ACC Atlantic 

Syracuse (4-4, conference 2-2)

Next three games

Oct. 28 BYE

Nov. 4 @ FSU

Nov. 11 vs. Wake Forest

Nov. 18 @ Louisville

Asking Syracuse to win two of these three games might be asking too much. A more likely possibility sees the Orange going 1-2 in this timeframe, then beating Boston College in the final regular game of its regular season.

Projected bowl

2017 Independence Bowl (Dec. 27, Shreveport, LA.)

Projected opponent


No change from Palm's projection from last week.

Boston College (4-4, conference 2-3)

Next three games 

Oct. 27 vs. Florida St.

Nov. 4 BYE

Nov. 11 vs. NC State

Nov. 28 vs. UConn

Let's just say UConn will be the best chance for Boston College win this month and move on.

Projected bowl


Survey of five different sites finds zero prognosticators thinking the Eagles will be going to a bowl this year  (At least not this week).

Wake Forest (4-3, conference 1-3)

Next three games

Oct. 28 vs. Louisville

Nov. 4 @ Notre Dame

Nov. 11 @ Syracuse

Things don't look good here for Wake's hopes for a bowl invite in 2017.

Projected bowl 

2017 Independence Bowl (Ken Bonagura, ESPN)

Projected opponent 

Florida International  University

Bonagura's partner, David M. Hale, predicts a Wake vs. Central Michigan Independence Bowl.

ACC Costal 

Georgia Tech (4-2, conference 3-1)

Next three games

Oct. 28 Clemson

Nov. 4 Virginia

Nov. 11 Virginia Tech

Georgia Tech's final two games of the season are on the road against Duke (Nov. 18), and playing host to Georgia on Nov. 25. The Yellow Jackets are going to thread the needle very finely over the next five games if it wants the two wins it needs for bowl eligibility.

Projected bowl

2017 Military Bowl

Projected opponent 


The other "ICWYDT" projection from Jerry Palm.

Duke (4-4, conference 1-4)

Next three games 

Oct. 28 @ Virginia Tech

Nov. 4 BYE

Nov. 11 @ Army

Nov. 18 vs. Georgia Tech

Duke's last game of the season is against Wake Forest could be a "loser stays home for bowl season."


Projected bowl (Kirk, SB*Nation)

2017 Independence Bowl

Projected opponent


Okay, we'll watch just to see UAB in a bowl it's first year back.

Three wins (Magic number: 3)

ACC Atlantic


ACC Costal

Pittsburgh (3-5, conference 1-3)

Next three games 

Oct. 28 vs. Virginia

Nov. 9 vs. North Carolina

Nov. 18 @ Virginia Tech

Pitt's host Miami on Nov. 24, the last game of the regular season. Not sure getting three wins in this four-week timeframe is going to be possible.

Projected bowl 


Pitt vs. Botston College in the "Whose coach gets fired first? Bowl."

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