Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The most hatable games of Week 2 of the 2017 college football season.

Week 1 of the college football season is mostly Power 5 teams demolishing smaller Group of 5 or lower teams. Things start to heat up as some schools face a tougher opponent from either another P5 conference or a in-conference opponent. It will still result in games where viewers would really rather watch US Open tennis or worse...baseball.

Here are the five most hatable games of Week 2.

Iowa @ Iowa State
12:00 PM EST, ESPN 2

The fact that an in-state rivalry game such as Iowa-Iowa State is played traditionally played in Week 2 of the college football season should be enough evidence  that everything about this rivalry is wrong. The game is so traditionally bad Spencer Hall and Ryan Nanni gave it the dubious name "El Assico" a couple of years back. That is a fitting title for a rivalry upper-to-mid level Big Ten team versus a traditionally bottom-level Big 12 team.

In-state rivalries have a knack for being ugly, but "El Assico" takes this to a level of being notoriously unwatchable. Despite the Iowa leading the series 42-22, and trouncing Iowa St. last season, don't expect this game to be easy for the Hawkeyes to win, or even come out of it with a shred of dignity.

BYU @ Utah
10:15 PM EST, ESPN 2

BYU's football and basketball programs has garnered a reputation as being "dirty teams" in recent years. The basketball rivalry with Utah has gotten so bad that former Utah basketball coach Larry Krystowaik cancelled the 2016 iteration of the on-the-court rivalry on the grounds of "safety concerns."

The current agreement between the two schools to face each other in football runs out in 2022. The complexities of Power 5 school scheduling could cause the series back into hibernation. Dirty play on the gridiron could cause deal to end sooner than expected.

Georgia @ Notre Dame
7:30 PM EST, NBC

The last (and only) time Georgia faced Notre Dame is when the Bulldogs beat the Fighting Irish in the 1981 Sugar Bowl. It's tempting to say 1981 was the last time both teams were relevant at the same time, but to be honest, it would be more like sometime during the Clinton administration at the latest. The old guard will get into this game, but virtually no other CFB fans will.

Nebraska @ Oregon
4:30 PM EST, FOX

The only time Oregon has beaten Nebraska in the seven game the two teams has faced each other was in 1953. Oregon is trying to rebuild following a disappointing 2016 season, while Nebraska still hasn't accepted the possibility that it will remain a 9-4 at best for the near future.

Florida Atlantic @ Wisconsin
12:00 PM EST, BTN

Lane Kiffin's first game as head coach of Florida Atlantic ended with the Owls getting keelhauled by Navy. Will facing Wisconsin this week result in a different outcome? Watchable only if you really want to see Lane Kiffin have his lunch handed back to him.

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