Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dave Pasch in a mullet wig? Why yes, please.

Greg McElroy, Dave Pasch, and Tom Luginbill. Image via @bubbaprog. 

What happens when an Oklahoma State@Pittt football game goes horribly one-sided? You don mullet wigs, of course. That's what happened during the 2nd quarter when the Cowboys were blanking the Panthers 35-7, and ESPN announcing crew Dave Pasch and Greg McElroy, along with sideline reporter Tom Luginbill, donned some really scraggly mullet wigs to honor the real-life mullet of Oklahoma St. head coach Mike Gundy.

Pitt went on to scoring it's first touchdown of the game following the mullet incident, which may of may not have unleashed some kind of bad karma into the proceedings.

One does hope that Pasch keeps the mullet to wear this winter when he is once again teamed with NBA Hall of Famer Bill Walton, especially considering the possibility that wig was made from Walton's actual hair from days gone by.

(via @bubbaprog (Timothy Burke))


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