Monday, September 18, 2017

Clemson, Duke, Wake Forest, and Virginia Tech ahead of other ACC teams in race for bowl eligibility

Bowl Eligibility Watch- ACC Week 3 

Hurricane Irma caused a number of ACC teams postponing or canceling games over the past two weeks. Miami@Florida State was postponed from last weekend, and both schools canceled non-conference games in Week 2. A Georgia Tech road game against  Central Florida was also canceled.

This has resulted in those schools not appearing in 2017's first edition of the SWRT ACC Bowl Eligibility watch. While not counted, all three are projected by SB*Nation's Jason Kirk to get invites, with FSU projected to face Penn State in the 2017 Orange Bowl.

As for the other ACC schools, eight schools have either two or three wins, which were enough to be considered for this week's Watch. It naturally includes Clemson, which is expected to defend its 2016 College Football Playoff title in the semifinals, and two schools not currently projected by Kirk to receive a bowl invite this postseason.

With that out of the way, here are the ACC teams that have played at least three games this season that are currently in the best shape to become bowl eligible in a few weeks.

All projections are from SB*Nation's Jason Kirk.

3-0 (Three wins away from bowl eligibility)


Projected bowl: 2018 Rose Bowl Game/College Football Playoff semifinal (#2 vs. #3) vs. Oklahoma (Jan 1. Pasadena, Ca.)

Rose Bowl traditionalists are probably going to have to suck up to the fact that the New Years Day game won't have a Big Ten/Pac-12 matchup this season. To make matters worse, Kirk has Wisconsin facing Alabama in the CFP's other semifinal game in the 2018 Sugar Bowl.


Projected bowl: 2017 Military Bowl vs Navy (Dec 28, Annapolis, Md.)

The Military Bowl is way down on the ACC's bowl tie-in list, which means Kirk must think Duke's going to end up closer to 6-6 this season.

Wake Forest

Projected bowl: 2017 Independence Bowl vs. Vanderbilt (Dec. Shreveport, Ms.)

Two traditional basketball schools with a football problem face off in Shreveport Ms. What could possibly go wrong?

Virginia Tech 

Projected bowl: 2017 Taxslayer Bowl vs. Florida (Dec. 30, Jacksonville, Fl.)

This is slightly off topic, but the SEC fatalist in me says that there is no way Florida ends up in this game, as it will somehow manage to win the SEC East, and manage to get itself in a better bowl. The Hokies are more likely to play Georgia in the Taxslayer Bowl than they are the Gators.

2-1 (Four wins away from bowl eligibility) 


Projected bowl: 2017 Camping World Bowl vs. West Virginia (Dec. 28, Orlando. Fl.)

North Carolina State

Projected bowl: 2018 Sun Bowl vs Utah (Dec. 29, El Paso, Tx.)


Projected bowl: None


Projected bowl: None

Kirk apparently has zero faith at the moment of wither Syracuse or Virginia making it to a postseason bowl, at least for now. The same goes for Boston College, Pitt, and North Carolina.

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