Friday, August 25, 2017

The most hatable games of week one of the 2017 college football season.

In every week of the college football season, there are games in which viewers without a horse in the race can at least find a reason to root for one team over another. Or more likely, find a reason to root for one team to lose to the other.

Then there are the games where a viewer can find both teams so unlikable. These are the games that make a football fan openly hope Bane shows up to turn the field into a massive sinkhole, hurling players, coaches, and the like to the great underground unknown.

This series is to point out to the college football universe which teams are the most hatable of the week. Or in this case, two weeks,

Week one of the college football season technically begins on Saturday, with five relatively insignificant games (for now at least) on the schedule. Things get kicking into full speed on Thursday, Aug. 31, with more of the bigger teams starting their season, mostly against below pay-grade Group of Five or FCS teams.

Michigan vs. Florida 
Sept. 2, (3:30 PM EST, ESPN)

How do make a game instantly hatable? Make it Big Ten vs. SEC. Better yet, a Michigan team that's some have pegged for the Big Ten title, but will still manage to lose the Big Ten East to Ohio State, or worse - Penn State.  Then add a Florida team bound to underperform during the season, but still find a way to beat out the other six teams in the SEC East and make it to the SEC championship game. Hold it at AT&T Stadium, the billion-dollar temple Jerry Jones built for his ego, and let the hate begin.

Appalachian State at Georgia
Sept. 2 (6:15 PM EST, ESPN)

Speaking of Michigan, the 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the infamous game where then FCS-level Appalachian St. upset Michigan. Now the Mountaineers face Georgia, another SEC team that always seems to underperform. In a game like this, the hate all be on UGA's side, as it will find a way to get even it's most diehard fans mad at the Bulldogs if the game is anything but a blowout. In any scenario, expect an ugly game with no one really happy about the outcome.

Ohio St. at Indiana
August 31, (8:00 PM EST, ESPN

What's the closest you can get to a Big Ten vs. SEC game? How about a game with a Big Ten conference game between a traditional Big Ten frontrunner vs a traditional Big Ten bottom feeder.

Liberty at Baylor
Sept. 2, (7:00 PM EST, FS2)

Liberty hired Ian McCaw, Baylor's former athletic director, to serve at it's current AD. This was after McCaw had resigned from Baylor over the sex scandal that still hangs overt the school. There really no likable teams here.

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