Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Big Ten Fallout - Lincoln Riley and Tom Herman, Bob Bowlsby, Mike Gundy, and more.

Big 12 Fallout - 7/18/2017 Edition

If that's your best, your best won't due. 
In his Big 12 Media Days speech, Big 12 Conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby says that member programs need to be focused on "winning national championships," as opposed to just producing "good, competitive football team(s)."  (The Clarkesberg Exponent-Telegram)

Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was...
ESPN's Jake Trotter says the number one "storyline" coming out of Big Ten Media Days are "rookie coaches" Lincoln Riley at Oklahoma, and Tom Herman at Texas.

I have to praise you like I should.
First year Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley praises his predecessor and former boss, Bob Stoops. (ESPN)

The blame game.
ESPN's Jake Trotter claims that former Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops was responsible for the "death" of defense in the Big 12.

Crawling From the Wreckage.
Matthias Schwartzkopf ranks Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy as the top coach in the Big 12 following Stoops' stepping down at Oklahoma, and a shifting coaching landscape in the conference. (Wide Right and Natty Lite)

Nic of Time.
Viva the Matadors' Andrea Cornaglia profiles Texas Tech Quarterback Nic Shimonek.

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