Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Big Ten to schedule Friday night games starting in 2017.

Jim Delany. Image via Onward State.

The Big Ten is entering the world of Friday night scheduling. Jim Delaney, the commissioner of the B1G told The Chicago Tribune that the conference would be scheduling six games on Friday nights during the first part of the 2017 season.

Delaney said that “we (the conference) thought it was worthwhile to dip our toe in the water," in regards to the tradition-centric conference scheduling Friday evening games in September and October.

The six Friday night games are part of the Big Ten's new media deal with ESPN and FOX Sports. It will reportedly consist of three conference games and three non-conference games. Delaney conference schools will not have more than one Friday night game on their schedule.

Delaney cited

Don't expect to see every Big Ten school represented on Friday nights, though. Michigan has already put its foot down and is refusing to play on Friday nights.

Penn State is also refusing to host Friday night games, citing concerns the scheduling would have an adverse affect on statewide high schools games played on Friday nights.

The list of 2017 season games to be scheduled for a Friday night will be reportedly be announced within the week.

(via The Chicago Tribune, HT: CBS Sports)

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