Sunday, November 6, 2016

Six SEC teams are bowl eligible after Week 10 of 2016 college football season.

Bowl Eligibility Watch

Alabama vs. LSU. Image via Saturday Down South.

Week 10 of the 2016 college football season saw Tennessee and Arkansas join the ranks of bowl eligible SEC teams. Four teams will be looking for their sixth win in Week 11, while three more need two wins to qualify for a postseason bowl.

The only team that can be safely said is out of the running for a bowl bid is Missouri, which is 2-7 overall. Meanwhile, in the SEC West,  there's a remote chance that all teams in the division can qualify for a bowl for the second year in a row.

Here's the list of which SEC teams are bowl eligible, or still have a fighting chance to make it to the magical six-win mark to qualify for a bowl bid. Teams that became bowl eligible in Week 10 are marked with a "*".

Bowl Eligible (Six or more wins)

Alabama (9-0)
Auburn (7-2)
Texas A&M (7-2)
Florida (6-2)
*Arkansas (6-3)
*Tennessee (6-3)

On the Brink (Five wins, one game away)

LSU (5-3) (Week 11: @Arkansas)
Kentucky (5-4) (Week 11: @Tennessee)
Georgia (5-4) (Week 11: vs. Auburn)
South Carolina (5-4) (Week 11: @Florida)

All four of the SEC's five-win teams will have their hands full in Week 11. There is a very good chance all four of these teams go 0-4.

Running Out of Days (Four wins, two games away)

Mississippi State (4-5) (Week 11: @Alabama)
Ole Miss (4-5) (Week 11: @Texas A&M)
Vanderbilt (4-5) (Weel 11: @Missouri)

Vanderbilt may have the best chance for a Week 11, thanks to Mizzou's poor record this season. It then faces Ole Miss in Week 12 (Nov. 19), and ends the regular season in Week 13 against Tennessee (Nov. 26).

Mississippi St. and Ole Miss will face each other in the Egg Bowl on Nov. 26. Before that, the Bulldogs face Alabama in Week 11 (Nov 12), and Arkansas in Week 12 (Nov. 19). Meanwhile the Rebels will face Texas A&M in Week 11 (Nov. 12) and Vanderbilt in Week 12 (Nov. 19). Unless both teams win out in their next two games, the Egg Bowl will could end up being an elimination game for  either Mississippi St. or Ole Miss's postseason hopes/


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