Friday, November 18, 2016

Ohio State releases hype video for Saturday's game against Michigan State.

Hype Videos

Michigan State vs. Ohio State 2015. Image via Bleacher Report. 

Michigan State will never replace "The Team Up North" (aka Michigan) as Ohio State's number one rival. It has, however, beaten the Buckeyes in three of their last five meetings, including in 2015. This game isn't becoming "The Game," but its has become a very important game for both schools and has played a part in determining which went on to become Big Ten champions over the past three seasons.

Michigan St. is struggling this season with a surprising 3-7 record. It doesn't mean Ohio St. isn't taking the two school's meeting on Saturday any less serious. The school released a hype video to promote the game. It's called "Finish What You Started."

Sadly, the video has nothing to do with the Sammy Hagar-era Van Halen song. Instead it has the generic intense dramatic music, though without any "Inception" drops.

(via The Spun)

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