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Four Big 12 teams are bowl eligible after Week 10.

Bowl Eligibility Watch

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The Big 12 finds itself in the dubious position of being the Power Five conference with the least number of bowl eligible teams after Week 10 of the 2016 college football season. Only four Big 12 teams  have the six or more wins needed to qualify for a postseason bowl bid.

Three Big 12 teams - Kansas State, TCU, and Texas - have five wins, needing only one more win to become bowl eligible. Week 11 is a bye week for both Kansas St. and TCU, which means that Texas will be the only team looking to become bowl eligible.

Here is the rundown of where the Big 12 teams with four or more wins stand in the race to become bowl eligible.

Bowl Eligible (Six or more wins)

Oklahoma (7-2)
Oklahoma State (7-2)
West Virginia (7-1)
Baylor (6-2)

On the Brink (Five wins)

Kansas State (5-4) Week 11: Bye, Week 12: @Baylor (Nov. 19)
TCU (5-4) Week 11: Week 11: Bye, Week 12: vs. Oklahoma St. (Nov. 19)
Texas (5-4) Week 11 vs West Virginia (Nov. 12)

Both Kansas St. and Texas have upcoming games with 1-8 Kansas on their schedules. Kansas looks to be the most winnable game for the Wildcats and Longhorns. TCU faces both Texas and Kansas St. in its last two games of the season.

Running Out of Days (Four wins)

Texas Tech (4-5) Week 11: vs Oklahoma St. (Nov. 12)

Texas Tech will need two more wins to qualify for a bowl bid. The bad news is that the Red Raiders have Oklahoma St. (Nov 12), Iowa State (Nov 19.), and Baylor (Nov. 25) on its schedule. Of the three opponents, only Iowa St. looks winnable.

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