Monday, October 31, 2016

Someone gave Nick Saban a foul-mouthed 65th birthday present.

Hail Saban! 

Nick Saban. Image via USA Today.

Happy 65th birthday to Nick Saban! Yes, the Alabama head coach was born on Halloween (Oct. 31, 1951, to be exact). That's appropriate for all the nightmares he's given the Crimson Tide's SEC opponents.

According to Saban, he's only gotten one birthday present today. He didn't exactly say what it was, but he did say it said some not-mama approved things if you pressed it.

(WARNING: Not Mama-approved language in the below quote from

"I only got really one," he said, grinning. "It was one of those things where you push the button and it says 'That's bullshit.' That's the only one I got."
The packed media room attending his LSU-week news conference laughed.
"So I don't know if somebody's trying to tell me something or what," Saban continued."

Saban also said he was banned from removing it off the University of Alabama campus. 

"They said I couldn't take it home," Saban said. "I might need it at home more than I need it here."

Here's video of Saban's response, just in case you really want to hear His Sabaness' potty mouth. 

Hopefully, Saban's wife Terry has something better ready for him when he gets home.


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