Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kirk Cousins loses bet, wears Indiana Hoosiers sweatshirt to press conference.

Washington Redskins starting quarterback and Michigan State alum Kirk Cousins made one of those "loser wears the winner's alma mater's gear in public" wager with his backup QB Nate Sudfeld and Indiana alum Redskins over the outcome of last Saturday's Spartans-Hoosiers game.

Cousins lost the wager, and appeared at a Redskins' midweek press conference wearing an Indiana sweatshirt.

"Made a little friendly wager and ah...Indiana got the better of the Spartans but it was all good," Cousins said with a smile.

The wager included Cousins making a donation to the charity of Sudfeld's choice, Assist International

"Assist International is gonna get a good check and ah...happy to do it. It's a good thing so I'm happy to do it. I'm rocking the sweatshirt with pride and gonna make that donation."

Fortunately for cousins, the Redskins defeated the Cleveland Browns last Sunday, so his weekend wasn't a total loss.

(via WSUA)

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