Thursday, October 13, 2016

Could the Big 12 expansion saga be nearing an end?

Expansion Silliness

Texas vs. Oklahoma. Image via Fansided. 

The long national nightmare involving possible Big 12 expansion may soon be over soon. The conference has scheduled a press conference on Monday after a meeting of its board of directors.

While the subject of the press conference has not been announced, news on whether or not the Big 12 will go through with adding two schools to its current ten-school membership. Houston, BYU, and Cincinnati have been among the schools showing interest in joining the conference.

The Big 12 went through major upheaval at the start of the decade, when four schools left the conference going their separate ways. Nebraska joined the Big Ten, Colorado joined the Pac-12, and Texas A&M and Missouri both joined the SEC.

The frenzy over potential Big 12 expansion has cooled slightly since this summer, when several schools showed interest in joining the conference. The possibility of expansion has dimmed, however,  when David Boren, the president of the University of Oklahoma, expressed reservations over the endeavor.

This news has come along with speculation that Oklahoma is once again considering leaving the conference. The main point of Big 12 expansion was supposedly to tame any desire by the Sooners to leave the conference, destabilizing it even further.

A decision by the Big 12 not to expand could signal a return to speculation of the conference being ready to split apart once more. Any further defections from the Big 12 could lead to other Power 5 conferences evolving into 16-member behemoths.

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