Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Michigan St. Board Of Trustees To Vote On Permanent Lights For Spartan Stadium.

Michigan State's Spartan Stadium. Image via msuspartans.com.

Michigan State's Spartan Stadium could finally be entering the 21st century. The Michigan St. board of trustees will hold a vote on Wednesday on whether to approve a proposal to install a permanent lighting system inside the stadium.

Michigan State, Northwestern, and Purdue are the three remaining Big Ten member schools whose stadiums lacked permanent lighting systems.

Night games in the Big Ten were until recent times almost rare as hen's (or is that Hawkeyes' ?) teeth. That's changed in recent years, as more high-profile conference and non-conference games are being scheduled for prime time. Michigan, Ohio State, and Iowa have all installed permanent stadium lights in recent years.

Michigan St. currently has one 2016 season home game scheduled for prime time, its season opener against Furman on Feb. 2 at 7:00 PM ET. Northwestern is currently scheduled for a 3:30 PM ET start. on Oct. 15. The Spartans' also host Wisconsin, BYU, Michigan, Rutgers, and Ohio St. at home in 2016. Expect at least one of those games to be scheduled for prime time as well.

(via The Lansing State Journal)

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