Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mark Richt Will Continue Annual Fall Practice Back Flip Off 10 Ft..Platform At Miami.

Mark Richt. Image via

Mark Richt has answered a major question about his new job as first-year head coach of Miami: Whether or not he would continue to perform his traditional fall practice back flip off the ten meter diving board before the season starts.

Richt told interviewer Jeff Fischel that “We’ll continue that (back-flip) trend," during ACC's Spring Meetings. He also explained that as a player for Miami in the 70's, he and fellow players would watch another Miami student, future Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis train on the diving platform at the school's pool.

“We would watch him,” Richt said. “You’d go to the pool, because that’s where the girls were, right? So we’d watch the divers work out and say, that guy’s pretty good. Turns out he was the best in the world, like, ever. I had a lot of respect for him.”

Richt went on to describe how he would sneak into the swimming facility to practice the high dive on his own. 

“I was able to perfect a couple dives from those days,” Richt said. “They were usually in the middle of the night, quite frankly. They wouldn’t let the regular students jump during office hours. There were a few times we found our way in there, had a little fun at night.”

Richt performed a back flip off the diving board every year of his 15-year coaching career at Georgia, before he was fired in December of last year. 

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