Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bronco Mendenhall Cites BYU's Independent Status As Reason He Left To Become Virginia Head Coach.

Bronco Mendenhall. Image via AP?USA Today.

From the "Things fall apart. The center cannot hold" department comes an explanation from Bronco Mendenhall on his decision to leave BYU to become head coach of Virginia. As one who has filled college football for a while could expect, the Cougars' current status as an independent football program had a part in the decision.

In an interview with USA Today, Mendenhall said that BYU independent status was "unsustainable," and that he had tried "everything I knew how to do to advance and pioneer that part. If I were to be really blunt about it, I took it as far as I could go in relation to that setting of independence."

“After all that and setting all that foundation and direction, there became a point where it was guardian, custodian of that direction – where it was, I’m not sure now if I’m one supposed to be doing that here.”

BYU left the Mountain West Conference in 2011. The program has only managed to break into the final USA Today Coaches Poll once in the five seasons following the move.

(via USA Today, HT: Dr. Saturday)

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