Saturday, December 26, 2015

2015 Pinstripe Bowl Fact Sheet: Indiana vs. Duke. Sorry, This Isn't A Basketball Game.

Action from 2014 Pinstripe Bowl. Image via Bleacher Report. 

It's hard not to think about Duke vs. Indiana in the 2015 Pinstripe Bowl without asking "Wouldn't this be more interesting if it was a basketball game? Shush! Let's not give the Steinbrenners any ideas. You know that if Hank and Hal could get away with playing basketball games in Yankee Stadium, they'd do it.

Official Bowl Name and game site
2015 New Era Pinstripe Bowl
Yankee Stadium, New York City (The Bronx), New York

2015 Match-up
Indiana (6-6, Big Ten) vs. Duke (7-5, ACC)

Date, time, and TV
3:30 PM ET. ABC

Conference affiliations
Big Ten vs. ACC

2014 Results 
Boston College defeated Penn State 31-30

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