Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Who's Going To The 2016 Outback Bowl? What The Prognosticators Are Saying After Week 12.

2015 Outback Bowl. Image via dairylandexpress.com.

What teams are the prognosticators saying will be playing in the 2016 Outback Bowl? Here is a sample of what some of them are saying.

Bowl: 2016 Outback Bowl
Date: Jan 1, 2016
Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Fl.
Conference affiliations: Big Ten vs. SEC

What the prognosticators are saying:

Brett McMurphy, ESPN
Northwestern vs. Arkansas

Mark Schlabach, ESPN
Tennessee vs. Northwestern

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports
Northwestern vs. LSU

Jason Kirk, SB*Nation
Northwestern vs. Tennessee

Stewart Mandel, FOX Sports
Northwestern vs. Tennessee

Bryan Fisher, Bleacher Report
Northwestern vs. Tennessee

Steven Lassan, Athlon Sports
Northwestern vs. Tennessee

Brad Crawford, Saturday Down South
Ole Miss vs. Northwestern

Bill Bender, Sporting News
Northwestern vs. Georgia

Brant Parsons, The Orlando Sentinel
Northwestern vs. LSU

College Sports Madness
Wisconsin vs. Auburn

What matchups sound the best?

Brad Crawford's projection of an Ole Miss vs. Wisconsin looks like the best possible matchup at this moment. The two schools are currently ranked second in their individual conference divisions. The coaching matchup between the Rebels' High Freeze, and the Wildcats' Pat Fitzgerald would without a doubt be one of the most interesting among the non College Football Playoff/New Year's Six bowl games.

Northwestern vs. Tennessee seems to be the most popular potential Outback Bowl matchup. It's a matchup between a team with a rebound season (Northwestern), and a team that's been that's in the seventh year of a five-year rebuilding program (Tennessee).

There were a couple of Northwestern vs. LSU projections. If it turns out to be Les Miles' final game as LSU head coach, it would definitely become a must-see game.

Northwestern vs. Georgia is personally interesting, as Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald has been on my short list as potential successor coaches for Georgia if and when Mark Richt's days Between the Hedges are done.

Wisconsin vs. Auburn is the lazy man's pick, since it's a repeat of last season's Outback Bowl. It also only make sense if somehow the rest of the SEC West winds up being tapped for the CFP/NY6 games. In other words, it ain't gonna happen.

Northwestern vs. Arkansas is...I don't know what level of insanity that pick is. The only matchup Arkansas vs. a B1G team that would interest the CFP fan in general would be the Hogs vs. their head coach Brett Bielema's former team Wisconsin.

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