Tuesday, November 24, 2015

What Teams Do The Analysts See Playing In The 2016 Citrus Bowl Following Week 12?

2015 Citrus Bowl. Image via Bleacher Report. 

What are the two teams that the analysts say are going to the 2016 Citrus Bowl? Here's a sampling of what some of them are projecting.

Official bowl name (at least this year): Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl

Date: Jan 1, 2016

Location: Florida Citrus Bowl, Orando, Fl.

Conference affiliations: Big Ten vs. SEC

What match-up or match-ups are the analysts projecting for the Citrus Bowl?

Brett McMurphy, ESPN
Ohio State vs. Florida

Mark Schlabach, ESPN
Ohio St. vs. Ole Miss

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports
Michigan vs. Georgia

Jason Kirk, SB*Nation
Ohio St, vs. Florida

Stewart Mandel, FOX Sports
Ohio St. vs. Mississippi State

Bryan Fischer. Bleacher Report
Michigan vs. Ole Miss

Steven Lassan, Athlon Sports
Michigan vs. Ole Miss

Brad Crawford, Saturday Down South
LSU vs. Michigan

Bill Bender, Sporting News
Michigan vs. Ole Miss

Brant Parsons, The Orlando Sentinel
Michigan vs. Ole Miss

College Football Madness
Michigan vs. Ole Miss

Which match-ups sound the best?

Michigan vs. Ole Miss gets the nod for most popular projection. It could be a very good game.

Schlabach's pick, Ohio St. vs. Ole Miss, would have sounded like a blowout for the Buckeyes a month ago. Recent troubles for Ohio St, culminating in its loss to Michigan State last Saturday shows that Ole Miss could have more of a fighting chance to win. Not much, mind you, but a better chance.

Any game involving LSU is going to be a must see if it ends up being Les Miles final game as its head coach. Crawford's pick of LSU vs. Michigan adds to the drama, with Miles ties to the Wolverines as a player and assistant coach, and memories of Michigan's reported attempt to lure Miles back to Ann Arbor around the time of LSU's BCS title run in 2007.

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