Sunday, October 4, 2015

Yes, There's A T-Shirt For Those Who Like Both Alabama And The Yankees.

Shirts Without Random Triangles

Can't decide to get that certain someone in your life who is both an Alabama football fan and a New York Yankees fan? (Yes, these apparently exist). Well, has just the thing. It's a t-shirt that merges the iconic 'Bama and Yankee emblems. The back says "It's all about ROLL TIDE for football, and the Yankees for Baseball."

Whether there's a market for a 'Bama/Yankee fan t-shirt is another question. I can't recall anyone calling up Finebaum, declaring "Saban could lead the Yankees to the World Series, PAWL!" Or, "Mariano Rivera would lead 'Bama to three national titles if he was QB, PAWL!"

The t-shirt comes in a unisex version for $22.99, or a women's t-shirt for $23.99.

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