Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oklahoma hype video celebrates "early morning" game with...SHOW TUNES!

Today's Oklahoma-West Virginia game Noon ET/11:00 AM CT is an early start in Oklahoma terms. The Sooners don't seem to be letting it get their head, though. Or is it? The school has released a hype video for the game, but instead of the usual rap or dramatic film score-like music, the Sooners went with...SHOW TUNES!

The video is set to the music of "Good Morning" from the classic movie musical "Singin' in the Rain." Okay, that was a film, but since it was later turned into a Broadway musical, it counts.

Of course, the obvious questions: If you're Oklahoma and you use show tunes in a hype video for what is considered a morning start in the Central Time Zone, how do you not use "Oh What a Beautiful Mornin'" from Oklahoma! which is the classic musical set in and named after your state?

Well, the weather report does call for rain today. Part of the weather system resulting from the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin  hitting the East Coast of the US, 

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