Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ohio St.-Rutgers Game Produces Hype Video With The Most Annoying Music Of The Season.

Thanks to a conflux of scheduling and contractual agreements, ABC somehow got stuck with Ohio State and Rutgers as its prime time Saturday night game. It's being spun as an important game as its the first time Ohio St. has ever played at Rutgers. Sadly it comes at a time where the Scarlet Knights program is in a little bit of chaos, which has resulted in its lackluster sophomore season in the Big Ten.

This hasn't stopped Ohio St. from releasing a hype video for the game. On the negative side, the video may win the award for "most annoying music in a hype video" this season for almost an entire minute of buzzing noise that transitions into dub-step, then into generic dramatic music.

(via Eleven Warriors)

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