Friday, September 18, 2015

Utah Rapper Unleashes BYU Rap Video Featuring Tanner Mangum.

Tanner Mangum (left), James the Mormon (center), and Mitchell Juergens. Image via 
Well, this had to happen. A Provo, Utah rapper going by the name of James the Mormon (no, really that's his handle) has unleashed a video for his song "DREAMIN," where he raps the praises of BYU and its rising star starting quarterback, Tanner Mangum.

The rapper, whose real name is James Curran, says he composed the song in the early Sunday morning hours following BYU's second come from behind win in two weeks against Boise St. He's joined in the song by fellow hip-hop artist Yahosh Bonner.

Mangum himself makes an appearance in the video, along Cougar wide receiver Mitch Juergens, who caught Mangum's last-second Hail Mary pass in last Saturday night's game.

Mangum seems to be on his way to becoming the biggest athlete to come out of BYU since current San Antonio Spurs point guard Jimmer Fredette, who himself had a rap song or two written about him (including one written by his brother).

(via, HT The Sporting News)

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