Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Syracuse QB Eric Dungey Muffed Up Play Call That Ended Setting Up 53-yd. Touchdown Pass.

Eric Dungey. Image via AP. 

From the "OOPS! There it is!" department comes word that a pivotal third-down conversion during last Saturday's 30-17 Syracuse win over Wake Forest happened because true freshman quarterback Eric Dungey muffed up a play call.

It was Dungey's first start as starting QB, taking over for the Terrell Hunt, who is out for the season following a torn ACL suffered in the first quarter of the Orange's season opening win over Rhode Island.

According to Syracuse offensive coordinator Tim Lester, Dungey "called a couple plays I never heard of and we've never run."

The play in question was supposed to be a run play on a 3rd down-and-ten. Instead, Dungey passed the ball to Syracyse tight end Kendall Moore, who caught it new the sideline for a first down. The pass set up a first-down 53-yard touchdown pass to Orange wide receiver Steve Ishmael.

Dungey says Lester spoke to him on the phone from the coaches' booth. "He said, 'That's an interesting play right there.' "

Lester doesn't seem to be too down on Dungey. He says "A lot of times with young kids there are peaks and valleys, and with him one thing I've found are the valleys aren't very long."

Syracuse hosts Central Michigan on Saturday.

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