Tuesday, August 11, 2015

J.T. Barrett still hasn't gotten over Ohio St. loss to Virginia Tech last season.

J.T. Barrett in Sept. 17 Virginia Tech-Ohio St. game. Via CBS Cleveland.

From the "Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of" department comes this confession from Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett, who admits that he still hasn't quite gotten over the Buckeye's only loss last season, which came at the hands of Virginia Tech.

The Hokies upset the Buckeyes 35-21 in a Week 2. Barrett was Ohio State's starting QB for that game, going 9-for-29, with one touchdown and three interceptions.

The two teams will face off again on Sept. 7, when Ohio St. travels to Blacksburg to face Virginia Tech at home. Barrett says he is looking forward to it.

"You can say I have that one marked on the calendar," Barrett said Monday, the first day of Ohio State's training camp. "It does mean a lot to me personally being that I did play the game that we lost and I wasn't prepared."

Barrett is competing for the Buckeyes' starting QB job with Cardale Jones, who took over for Barrett after he was injured in the final game of the season against Michigan. 

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