Monday, June 1, 2015

Report: UAB to reinstate Blazers football program.

John Talty of is reporting that the University of Alabama at Birmingham will announce the decision reinstate its football program this afternoon. 

The move comes approximately six months following the controversial decision by the school to drop football. At the time, the school claimed keeping the program was financially unfeasible. Supporters of the UAB football program claimed the move was political, citing opposition to the program by members of the University of Alabama Board of Trustees. 

The move would come following an independent study which supported the reinstatement of the football program. 

The decision will reportedly be announced by UAB president Ray Watts at 5:00 PM, CDT (6:PM EDT)

Even with the reinstatement, the program will still essentially have to rebuild itself from square one. The earliest the Blazers could return to the gridiron could be 2016. 

(via, HT: SB*Nation)

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