Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen expresses his displeasure over Michigan's satellite camps.

Add Dan Mullen to the growing list of SEC coaches expressing their displeasure over Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh's satellite camps. The head coach of Mississippi State explained his reasons for his dislike over the satellite camp concept to Head To Head Radio hosts Matt Wyatt and Richard Cross.

"I’m not into — I like kids coming to our campus for camps," Mullen said. "I’d rather them come here and see us. Because they get to see campus, they get to come see our facilities, they get to see all this stuff … see our guys in the weight room and just see everything.

"I’m a bigger fan of that …, these are camps too where I’m coaching and teaching kids. The satellite camps, they’re recruiting camps. Basically it’s a recruiting thing, a recruiting fair they’re doing it for. I imagine Jim Harbaugh, if he’s going to have a camp would want to coach the kids in Michigan, the young kids in Michigan maybe how to be better football players."

Mullen went on to pretty much accuse Harbaugh of running recruiting camps, as opposed to training camps. 

"If it was a purpose. I’m sure they have one. So why do they need one all over the place. The only purpose obviously is for recruiting, which I don’t think is the right purpose for camps. We’ve probably had 1,000 kids on campus in camps and there’s probably a couple guys that will be SEC players out of that group but there’s a lot of guys learning a lot of football and that’s our job as coaches to promote and help the game and help young people learn and see how to be better football players not to just go out and recruit."

Here's the full interview, courtesy of Head to Head Radio.

Of course, with the SEC threatening to lift the conference ban on its member schools holding their own satellite camps (which is the real bone of contention coaches like Mullen and Alabama's Nick Saban are having with these camp), Mullen's complaints could be seen by some to be a little hollow. 

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