Monday, May 4, 2015

University of Alabama forbids students to use "roll," "tide," and "Obama" when selecting passwords.

Guess which three four-letter words the University of Alabama won't let students to use as passwords for its myBama network account? Before you let your run through all the non-mama approved words in your brains, just take a step back and think of the three most obvious words a Bama student might use in a password. Hint: I just used one.

Image via @QueenHarvest. 

Yes, Alabama students can't use "Bama," "roll," or "tide" in their passwords. The school figured out that those would be three of the most popular words for student passwords, and thus would make it easier for hackers to break into their accounts.

You can still use "war" and "eagle" for a password if you're a 'Bama student, though. If you want you password to have some amount of irony.

(Thanks to @QueenHarvest)

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