Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Fallout: Saturday news and notes.

Welcome to the Fallout - Saturday edition. 

Not a lot going on as the focus of the college football world continues to be on the 2015 NFL Draft. Here are a few news nuggets anyhow.

Charges against Alabama DB dropped. 
Tuscaloosa County police have dismissed domestic violence charges against Alabama defensive back Cyrus Jones. Jones had been accused of threatening a woman, and "damaging" her cell phone. (Dr. Saturday)

Imagine no divisions. I wonder if you can. 
Sharon Katz looks at what college football would look like if the Power 5 conferences got rid of divisional play. If divisions in the SEC were abolished, for example, the number of wins of all current SEC East teams would go down. (ESPN)

Knee-jerk reaction?
Bill Connelly thinks the Big 12 is "overreacting" to being shut out of the 2014 college football playoff by looking at reinstating a conference title game. (SB*Nation)

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