Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Fallout: Nick Saban, Kirk Ferentz, Tim, Beckman, and more.

Welcome to the Fallout - Wednesday edition.

Whatever Saban Wants...
Alabama head coach Nick Saban calls for "a level playing field" amongst the power five conference when it comes to rules concerning recruiting and graduate transfer eligibility. (AP/Yahoo! Sports)

A Few Small Repairs?
Georgia is considering moving its home locker rooms and adding a recruit lounge inside Sanford Stadium. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Dominos Dancing.
The annual Off Tackle Empire Michigan Potluck features a round table discussion that's unofficially catered by Domino's Pizza. The joke here, of course, concerns former Michigan athletic director and Domino's CEO Dave Brandon.

Same as it ever was.
Bill Connelly previews Iowa's 2015 season. The Hawkeyes look to continue to be stuck in the rut the team has found itself in under 16-year head coach Kirk Ferentz, and the massive buyout clause in his contract. (SB*Nation)

Thank you, sir. May I have another?
Bill Connelly profiles Northwestern's 2015 season. (SB*Nation)

It's gettin' hot in here?
Matt Brown looks at the coaches who may find themselves on the Hot Seat in 2015. At the top of the list, Illinois head coach Tim Beckman and Miami head coach Al Golden. (Sports on Earth)

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