Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Relaxing of NCAA rules could loosen regulations on conference title games.

Deregulators, Mount up! CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd is reporting that the NCAA is expected to pass legislation that would deregulate how conference championship games are played.

If passed, the legislation, could come into effect for the 2016 college football season. The deregulation plan was developed by the ACC and Big 12, which are expected to be the two conferences that could benefit from deregulation the most.

Current rules bar conferences from holding conference title games in college football unless they have at least 12 members. The Big Ten was left with only ten members following the departure of Colorado and Nebraska in 2010. The loosening of the rules could lead to the conferences' first title being reinstated without having to add two additional member schools.

The ACC doesn't have any concrete post-deregulation plans mapped out. It could, according to observers, move to a system, where the two teams with the best records in the conference would go to the title game, as opposed to having the two conference champions play for the title.

(via CBS Sports)

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