Thursday, April 30, 2015

Georgia Tech puts ball from 220-0 win over Cumberland University on display in athletic center.

"Cumberland Ball." Photo via

Georgia Tech has put the game ball from its 1916 220-0 victory over Cumberland University on display in its Arthur B. Edge Jr. Intercollegiate Athletic Center. The game has become both legendary and infamous for producing the most lopsided final score in college football history.

The ball came back into possession of the school only last year, when it was bought at an auction by Georgia Tech alumnus Ryan Schneider last year for a mere $40,388. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter Ken Sugiura explained where the ball has been between 1916 and the present.

"The ball had been in possession of a Los Angeles sports museum for decades. It’s likely that coach John Heisman donated the ball to Bill Schroeder, a sports collector who was known to acquire items simply by writing to sports figures to ask for them. Schroeder ran the museum, which eventually turned the ball over to a non-profit dedicated to youth sports. The foundation put the ball up for auction last fall as a fund-raiser."

The ball was displayed briefly last year at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta in April of last year, as part of a Georgia Tech-themed weekend. It is now part of the museum inside the Ga. Tech Edge Athletic Center. 

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