Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Big 12 to likely create tiebreaker to prevent 2014 "co-champions' fiasco from happening again.

Bob Bowlsby. Photo via USA Today. 

From the "Closing the barn door after the horses have all run away" dept. comes word that the Big 12 is  looking into implement a tiebreaker next season, which would in theory do away with any future possibilities of two teams being declared "co-champions."

Big 12 conference commissioner Bob Bowlsby made the discussed the potential change while speaking to reporters on Tuesday at annual College Football Playoff meetings.

"I'm fairly confident we'll act to put in place a tiebreaker that will determine our champion," said Bowlsby. "That will eliminate one of the variables from last year."

The 2014 season ended with TCU and Baylor sharing the Big-12 title as "co-champions," which was an embarrassing turn of as the conference touted the "One True Champion" motto. The "co-champions" fiasco was seen as one of the main factors in TCU being shut out of the innagural College Football Playoff last season. 

(via FOX Sports)

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