Sunday, March 8, 2015

NCAA gets anal retentive about crop top jerseys, non-standard facemasks.

Ezekiel Elliott in his now-banned crop-top jersey. Photo via USA Today. 

Ordinarily, the NCAA doesn't get as anal-retentive when it comes to college football uniforms like the NFL has become notorious for. The governing body doesn't get all hot and bothered about socks not fully covering up a player's leg, for example. Nor does the endless stream of alternative uniform and helmet combinations coming from the athletic apparel suppliers seem to raise much of an eye from the governing body.

There does seem to be one area where the NCAA is cracking down on when it comes to unis. In its latest set of rules changes for the upcoming 2015 college football season, the governing body issue has placed restrictions on a trend plaguing college football - players tucking their jerseys under their pads. That includes tucking the hem of the jersey into the back pads, creating a "crop top" look like the ones from the good ol' days of college football. (We can't be going back to those now, can we?)

Equipment issues (examples given are jerseys tucked under the shoulder pads or exposed back pads) will cause a player to leave the field for at least one play until it is resolved, unless the player's team calls a timeout.

Translation: Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott is going to have to stop tucking his jersey in his back pads to show off his abs. The crop top look that garnered him as much attention as his on-the-field performance will be verboten next season. 

Also, on the banned list: "Non-standard/ overbuilt facemasks." Meaning that players are going to have to figure out how to unleash their inner Bane some other way. 

(via SB*Nation)

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