Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Michigan St. Delton Williams suspended following arrest on firearm-related charges.

Delton Williams has been suspended from the Michigan State football program. This follows the Spartan running back's arrest on a misdemeanor charge of "brandishing a firearm in public."

According to The Detroit Free Press, the incident occurred following a road rage incident.

"(Michigan State University Sgt.Florene) McGlothian-Taylor said Williams cut in front of another driver, who honked, and that Williams then "displayed a weapon" but did not point it at the other driver. He was later brought in by police. According to court records, he has a concealed weapons permit. With such a permit, a handgun can be within reach of or on its owner. Without one, any handgun would have needed to be secured in the trunk or an area out of the reach of the driver."

Michigan St. spokesman Jason Cody said Williams could face "suspension or expulsion" for violating school firearm policies, which bar students or university employees from carrying firearms on campus.

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