Saturday, March 7, 2015

Jim Harbaugh trades khaki pants for baseball pants (and high socks) at Oakland A's spring training.

Jim Harbaugh (at left). Photo via @JaneMLB.
Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has temporarily traded in his khaki pants for a pair of baseball pants. Harbaugh is at the Oakland Athletics's spring training facility in Mesa, Az. to help coach at first base.

Being a baseball coach means having to don a baseball uniform, so Harbaugh left the khakis in the locker room and put on an A's uniform, complete with high socks.

Sadly, Harbaugh didn't go the full Hunter Pence with the socks. (They may be stirrups,  anyway). That would have been the most Harbaugh thing possible that Harbaugh could have done on the field.

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