Saturday, March 7, 2015

Connor Cook won't be satisfied with anything less than a Big Ten title in his senior season.

Connor Cook. Photo via The Monroe News. 

2015 will be Michigan State starting quarterback Connor Cook's senior season as East Lansing. For Cook, it means that it will be his last chance for a Big Ten conference title. He thinks anything else would be a disappointment.
"When you win a championship and you win your conference, that's the most fulfilling feeling I've ever felt," Cook said this week after a winter conditioning session. "Knowing you are outright champs in your conference and you're going to a great bowl — we went to a great bowl game in Dallas, but we didn't play for a championship in our conference.
"I think that's the standard and that's been the goal since Coach (Mark) Dantonio has been here."

Cook and the Spartans' biggest hurdle in its quest for a second Big Ten title in three years will obviously be Ohio State. The Buckeyes defeated the Spartans last season 49-37 on their way to both a Big Ten title and a College Football Playoff title.

Michigan State may also find in-state rival Michigan a more difficult challenge in 2015. That will be due to the Wolverines' new head coach, Jim Harbaugh. 

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