Thursday, January 8, 2015

Jenn Sterger admits to inventing "No means no!" chant used by Oregon Players after Rose Bowl.

Jenn Sterger has confessed inventing the anti-Jameis Winston"No means no!" chant that Oregon players taunted Florida State with following the end of the Rose Bowl.

The former "FSU Cowgirl" and one-time object of Bret Favre's desire was first connected to the chant in a TMZ Sports article last week. The website reported that Sterger (who dabbles in stand up comedy) had written the joke for comedian Brad Williams. The comedian used it in a show attended by Oregon players.

Steiger explained the origin of the joke in a podcast with Bert Kreischer. College Spun provided a transcription of the interview.

"Brad’s like my comedy godfather… He’d asked me to write some roast jokes for him and I said “Yeah, sure, I love being mean.” And I wrote a bunch of jokes, they crushed, and I mean, I ripped both teams to shreds, and their respective rivals. I mean, the Gators were destroyed. But the joke that killed the hardest, for Oregon, was Brad said “Hey guys, just have a great time in Hollywood, and remember ‘Noooo means noooo!’”

As for Sterger's reaction to the Oregon player's chanting her joke on national television:

"So they take that, and they did it after the game! And it goes viral…and I was like “oh s—, what have I done again?” You know what I mean? And no one’s going to be able to trace this back to me."

Despite the controversy Sterger stands behind her joke, describing it as being " more about a PSA." than being what she described as a "rape joke."

(via College Spun)

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