Monday, January 12, 2015

Game Day Goulash: Cardale Jones, Marcus Mariotta, Urban Meyer, Mark Helfrich, and more.

Game Day Goulash - Here we are folks, the dream we've all dreamed of. 

First, yes, I've switched "Play the Game Tonight" back to "Game Day Goulash." I decided that it was better with the original title.

Now for the main event of the night. It's the first ever College Football Playoff title game. I've been hesitant to describe it as a "championship," since I did my best not to use that term in conjunction with the BCS. I'll probably just stick with "title game" just because the CFP is only a little more legitimate than the BCS.

The CFP is still better than what we had, and Ohio State being in the title game did give the committee's decision to place it in the playoff over TCU or Baylor a little more legitimacy. It's a start, and hopefully everyone will have a moment of clarity to expand the playoff to eight teams.

Hometown hero.'s Doug Lesmerises profiles Ohio State starting quarterback and Cleveland native Cardale Jones.

How Urban Got his Groove Back. 
Keith Van Valkenburg profiles Ohio St. head coach Urban Meyer, and how he regained the balance between his personal life and and his professional career. (ESPN)

In case you were wondering...
Cheryl Wray explains what exactly a Buckeye is, and how it became the nickname of Ohio St. I could have sworn that was a pot leaf hanging off the "O" on the Buckeye's helmets. (

The Ties That Bind.
Andrew Grief describes how close-knit Oregon's football team is, and how it led the the Ducks to the CFP title game. (The Oregonian)

Fore Unlawful Carnal Knowledge.
 Oregon Starting QB Marcus Mariota discusses his other sport, golf. Bubba Watson has nothing to fear, apparently. (Golf Digest)

Will he or won't he?
Mariota, a redshirt junior freshman, says that he hasn't made a decision yet as to whether he will enter  the 2015 NFL Draft. (

My Hometown. 
Tim Rohan profiles Oregon head coach Mark Helfrich, and his hometown of Coos Bay, Oregon. (The New York Times)

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