Friday, December 5, 2014

University of Nebraska chancellor uses "YOLO" in tweet denying school was intetrested in Bret Bielema.

University of Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman has officially denied that the school was interested in hiring Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema to replace the fired Bo Pelini. This comes after Nebraska hired former Oregon head coach Mike Riley as Pelini's successor.

In an interview with The Lincoln Journal-Star, Perlman claimed that the school had zero interest in swiping Bielema from Arkansas. This was apparently due to the fact that Bielema has only been coaching the Razorbacks for two seasons.

"Mike Riley was the first choice. We never talked to Bielema," Perlman said. "It seems odd that you would even think that we would. Here's a coach that, and I'm not saying anything about Bret, but he left Wisconsin last year for Arkansas. If he came here, do you think we'd have much confidence that he would stay? He didn't, obviously, so I'm not being critical of him. To think we would go after a coach who'd just moved after one year tells you that if he is going to move, it's not the character we want."

Perlman even upped the ante by making the same claim on Twitter.

It's obvious that Perlman is new to the use of "YOLO," as there wasn't a hashtag in front of it. 

(via The Lincoln Journal-Star, HT: Dr. Saturday)

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