Sunday, December 7, 2014

The College Football Playoff is the new Oscars, and that's a bad thing.

What does today announcement of the teams in the first annual College Football Playoff remind me of?

It reminds me of the Oscars, when the Academy skips over the film that was a favorite among both the critics and the fans for a film that underperformed at the box office and got mixed reviews but got the nomination because it was one of those "prestige" films with a message.

Or worse, when the actor or actress who portrayed the role of a lifetime gets shafted in the nominations when the Academy decides to honor an older performer that basically just phoned in their performance. (See: any year Sally Field has been nominated since Places from the Heart.)

That's how I feel about Ohio State getting the nod over TCU or Baylor. Both Big 12 schools had near-perfect seasons with only a little misstep or two (and got penalized for the Big 12 not having a title game). The Buckeyes didn't do anything really impressive until the Big Ten title game, and got the nod over them.

This is why the CFP will eventually expand to either six or eight teams, just like the Oscars expanded the number of Best Picture field to the absurdly large number of ten nominations or so. It can't go on forever with leaving out one (or even two) power conference champions out in the cold. Neither the fans, the conferences, the schools, or ESPN will allow it.

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