Monday, December 1, 2014

Jim Tressel WILL NOT be Nebraska's next head coach.

Somehow a Twitter rumor got started late Sunday night early Sunday morning about former Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel being a candidate for the Nebraska head coaching position, which is currently vacant following the firing of Bo Pelini. Sad to say, the rumors are apparently not true.

Tressel, who left Ohio State under the cloud of the "Tatgate" scandal, was apparently a strong favorite among the Cornhusker faithful to be Pelini's replacement in Lincoln. Sadly, that does not seem to be happening. Dustin Fox, co-host of the "Bull & Fox" show on Cleveland radio station WKRK  reports he has spoken to Tressel, who has denied the rumors/hopes floated around Twitter.

Well, that should settle that.

Tressel is currently president of Youngstown State University.

(via The Omaha World-Herald)

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