Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jim Harbaugh still not officially new Michigan head coach yet.

There's a lot of smoke surrounding the possible hiring of current San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh by Michigan to be its new head coach, but nothing close to be 100% official yet. Dr. Saturday has reported on claims that the move is a done deal. That was based apparently based more on Twitter chatter, however.

Bruce Feldman is reporting that one of his sources claims the deal is done, and that Harbaugh and his family will be in Ann Arbor, Mi. on Monday attending the Wolverine men's basketball game against Illinois. He also reports, however, that the Oakland Raiders are hoping to sign Harbaugh to a deal as the NFL team's new head coach.

ESPN hasn't updated its story on Saturday that University of Michigan officials were scheduled "to meet with" Harbaugh, who still has to coach todays 49ers' game against Arizona. The Game doesn't start until 4:25 PM ET. Don't expect anything official until the game is over, or possibly until Monday as part of the traditional end-of-the-regular-season bloodletting in the NFL.

My usual rule of thumb is not to go with something on this level until ESPN reports on it. So I wouldn't start jumping for joy just yet if you're a Michigan fan.

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