Thursday, December 11, 2014

Is Wisconsin the Taylor Swift of college football?

The Internet has come up with a brilliant analogy about Wisconsin following the departure of former head coach Gary Andersen. The Badgers have become the college football version of Taylor Swift.

The idea is that Wisconsin, like country pop music diva Swift, is responsible for its own relationship issues. Andersen is the second Badger coach to leave the school for another program. Bret Bielema left Wisconsin for Arkansas two seasons ago.

In a 2013 interview with Grantland, Bielema explained his decision to defect to Arkansas was in response to frustrations with the fact the University of Wisconsin wouldn't pay his assistant coaches what he thought they deserved. As a result, he found himself frequently having to replace assistants who left for greener pastures, better positions, and more money.

Not much seems to have changed on the assistant salaries department in Madison. That may not be the main reason Andersen left.

There seems to be a conscious brewing that issues with Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez may be the answer. As Badger head coach, Alvarez virtually resurrected the football program from college football mediocrity. His shadow looms long in Wisconsin, where Bielema always seemed to be considered a lesser coach than Alvarez, even with his success in the Big Ten.

In the end, Andersen's departure will probably be a combination of things. Though it would seem issues with the school and Alvarez may end up being the biggest factors in his picking Beaver Juice over Badger success.

(via SB*Nation)

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