Friday, December 19, 2014

Is this kosher? SEC Nation's Tim Tebow speaks to Alabama's College Football Playoff opponent Ohio St.

  What's wrong with this picture? SEC Nation broadcast team member Tim Tebow spoke in front the Ohio State football team on Thursday night. You know, the Ohio State team facing off against SEC champion Alabama in the College Football Playoff?

 Okay, Tebow's former coach at Florida, Urban Meyer, is the Buckeyes' head coach. I get it. There's just some stuff an SEC icon just doesn't do when the team you're speaking to is preparing to go up against the SEC champ. You don't see Tom Brady giving motivational speeches to the Crimson Tide, do you? (Yes, Brady's a little busy with the NFL right now. That's not the point.)

Hopefully this has more to do with Tebow's connection to Meyer than it does to any ill will against 'Bama from the 2009 SEC championship game. That wouldn't be very becoming of him if it were so.

(via Dr. Saturday)

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