Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ohio State still coming to grips with new Big Ten East rival Michigan State.

It seems that Ohio State hasn't quite figured out how to deal with having Michigan State as a  legitimate roadblock in its ongoing quest for Big Ten domination yet. Or if the budding rivalry is on the level of its eternal rival, "The Team Up North" (aka Michigan).

While Ohio St. linebacker Joshua Perry has started referring to Michigan State as "The Team Up North State, Buckeye head coach Urban Meyer hasn't quite gone to such extremes as yet. Asked in a press conference whether the color green was banned from the Woody Hayes Athletic Center in the way blue is banned during Michigan week, Meyer replied ""I don't know. "Great idea, though. Great idea."

On the other hand, Meyer still doesn't put the Buckeyes new Big Ten East Division rival on the same par as the one with Michigan. Though he will admit the Spartans are "an excellent team."

"I'd love to have our players have a very clear understanding of rivalry games, the pageantry of it and when you come back to understand the rivalry," Meyer said. "We have one rival here.

"What's happened in this situation is you have an excellent team. After watching them on film, they're a great team. And they stand in the way of Big Ten championship. They stood in the way last year and we failed.

"And so does that make them a rival?  It makes them in the way of something that we all want, and that's Big Ten Championship. I think it happened a little bit with Wisconsin. I remember our first year it was big because they went to three straight Rose Bowls. I think this is a credit to their university, their coaching staff and most importantly their players.

"And our guys know that. So to say this is a rivalry game, that would diminish the rivalry that's been here for 100 years. This is a great game because it's two teams battling for first place."

Such talk coming two weeks after Michigan State decimated Michigan following the infamous "spike" incident might not be a smart move on Meyer's part. Meyer shouldn't make Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio angry. He wouldn't like Mark Dantonio when he's angry. 

(via Cleveland.com)

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