Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ESPN report questions authenticity of items at center of Jameis Winston memorabilia signing scandal.

Oh joy, the Jameis Winston autograph scandal has crawled back to the surface. Now ESPN sports business gadfly Darren Rovell is reporting that the batch of memorabilia allegedly signed by the Florida State starting quarterback was rejected by the first autograph authentication service it was sent to due to concerns to the legitimacy of the Winston's signature on the items.

Rovell, citing an Outside the Lines investigation, reports that sources involved with the story claim that James Spence Authentication, the company that originally in whose online database the alleged Winston-sign memorabilia was first "discovered" received the items after another company PSA/DNA declined involvement with the initial signing because "it couldn't witness the quarterback signing the items in person."

The OTL report also states that no one from James Spence Authentication witnessed Winston singing any memorabilia.

Two independent autograph experts brought in by OTL to examine items allegedly signed by Winston. One said authentication would be difficult because "he wasn't comfortable with the lack of verified Winston representations." The other said the autographs were "done by more than one hand."

(via ESPN)

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